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Dive into a world of gaming where there is something for everyone! That was the challenge we were set by ERA, so naturally we built a true CGI immersive gaming world! Combining a bold and dynamic palette with iconic imagery from the world of gaming, the distinct look of Must Play May was created.

Overall key imagery, brand look and feel and a full set of  campaign assets, both static and digital animated content, were delivered to launch a month of gaming!


The 3D landscape was created in a modular construction, allowing each game to exist in its own environment whilst still being part of a wider world.

This created a versatile key art that could be split out if specific titles were the focus, or used as a whole for the wider Campaign.

Embedded within the worlds were also ‘Easter Egg’ characters that the fans could discover as they looked deeper into the art.

The 3D world was modelled from the ground up, taking direct inspiration from the games that it was to represent. Carefully selected props and graphic detailing transformed the structural build into a living, breathing environment for the titles and their players to exist.

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